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Porcelain Crowns


A crown is a dental “cap” particularly designed to restore the shape and function of a damaged tooth. Porcelain crowns make an excellent choice for restorative and cosmetic procedures when you need to repair a cracked, decayed or worn out tooth.

There are many types of crowns, but all-porcelain crowns have become the most widely used in cosmetic dentistry. This is because porcelain crowns have proven to be the best restorative material for both strength and outstanding aesthetics.

Drs Rohrer offer porcelain crown treatments to provide you with the finest permanent restoration possible.

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Benefits of Porcelain Crowns

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Ceramic Crowns provide you with a totally natural look: due to its translucency, porcelain is the material that best resembles your tooth enamel.

As they are custom- made, porcelain crowns are very comfortable to wear. A perfectly made crown should fit like a glove.

Ceramic Crowns are ideal for front restoration.

Porcelain crowns are safe and toxic free (remember they are not fused to metal!).

All porcelain crowns are custom-made to faultlessly match the shape and shade of your surrounding teeth.

They restore strength and functionality to your worn out teeth.

Because they are completely made of porcelain (and not fused to metal) they won’t cause a grey line on your gums.

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Porcelain Crowns Procedure

As with all restorative and cosmetic procedures, first your cosmetic dentist needs to perform a complete examination to study your teeth. Depending on each particular case, dental crowns might be combined with other treatments such as implants, root canals or bridges. After this initial exam, your dentist will be able to decide how the porcelain crown will be fixed onto your tooth.

In general, the treatment takes two office visits.

On your first appointment:

  • Your cosmetic dentist prepares and shapes your tooth (or teeth).
  • He or she takes impressions.
  • Xrays might also need to be taken (under your consent) to check up your roots and bone. An intraoral camera will possibly be used to take pictures of your teeth.
  •  Finally, you will get a temporary crown placed, until your permanent crown is custom-made in a dental lab.

It will typically take about two weeks to have your final porcelain crown made at a dental lab. We are happy to say that our office works with the best American labs. In that way we guarantee the best quality porcelain crowns in our dental work.

On your second visit:

  • Your dentist will cement the porcelain crown to its right place. This process does not take long, usually about 30 min.
  • You will get a final checkup to confirm your crown has a perfect fit, your bite is aligned and you feel absolutely comfortable with your new tooth.

We want you to walk out of our office feeling relaxed and self-confident, enjoying a new, natural and perfect-looking smile.

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Porcelain Crowns FAQ

When you have a severely damaged tooth, a filling or bonding may not be strong enough to repair it. Then, you may need a dental crown to restore function and aesthetics to your mouth. Porcelain Crowns are a great option for front tooth restoration because they provide outstanding aesthetics.

Most dental insurance companies do not typically cover cosmetic procedures. However, you should always ask your insurance about coverage for dental crowns because benefits vary from one company (or dental plan) to another. If you have a PPO plan, and your insurance provides you with some kind of coverage, we will be happy to send everything to your company so you get reimbursed directly to your home after the treatment.

Porcelain Crowns are long lasting and very resilient. However, as with most restorations, you should be careful and avoid biting on hard foods or doing anything that can hurt your crown (avoid misusing your teeth to open packages or bottle caps, for example). With a regular dental care and proper hygiene (to stop bacteria from leaking in under your crown) your porcelain crown should last 10-20 years.

Porcelain crowns are normally safely cemented to your tooth or implant and they fit very well. However, if you feel your crowned tooth has become too sensitive, or if your crown feels wobbly, contact your dentist asap to get your crown properly placed again. You will only need to replace your crown if it cracks, chips or gets loose. But with proper care, none of these problems should affect your treatment. As a general rule, see your dentist every six months and you will make sure your teeth are fine and your crown does not need replacement.

Because porcelain crowns are completely made of porcelain (and not fused to metal) they won’t leave a dark line over your gums in case your gum line recedes.  All porcelain crowns provide outstanding aesthetics to your mouth, and they represent a cosmetic improvement over older metal-ceramic crowns which typically left a dark grey line a short time after treatment.

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Patient Reviews


I instantly felt trust, and was excited about getting started on the work. The procedure was comfortable, easy, and the doctor was very gentle. I now love my teeth mad smile. Not a day goes by that someone doesn’t comment how beautiful my smile is.


When I come here, I feel I’m at home. It’s quiet, nice – not a long wait in the waiting room… They are nice people – they always seem to have a smile on their face, each and every time I come. That’s one of the things I like most about this place

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