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Dr. Nicholas Goetz, DMD, MS

Maxillofacial Prosthodontist in Delray Beach, Florida

Dr. Nicholas Goetz is a Delray Beach dentist and among a select group of 150 maxillofacial prosthodontists in the US. His extensive dental experience ranges from the simplest of general dentistry procedures to complex smile makeovers involving implant and traditional prosthetics. He's a proud member of the American College of Prosthodontists (ACP) and the International Team for Implantology (ITI).

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What sets up apart from other dentists in Delray Beach, is our constant strive for excellence and patient satisfaction. That translates into keeping you happy at all times, studying new techniques to better serve you, using the best materials available, understanding your needs and wants, and providing treatment that is appropriate to your life circumstances.

Moreover, our Delray Beach dentist office offers a whole-body approach to dentistry, ensuring the health of your teeth as well as your overall well being.

You should choose a Prosthodontist to make sure your oral care is treated by the most skilled of dental professionals. Upon graduation, prosthodontists take a three-year postgraduate training. That means they get intensive education in dental restoration, functionality and aesthetics. 

Prosthodontists can perform cosmetic and restorative procedures with a solid professional basis and are recognized as a specialty by the American Dental Association.

Prosthodontics is a dental specialty aimed at replacing and restoring missing teeth. A maxillofacial prosthodontist is a specialist who can treat dental problems that concern missing teeth and its surrounding tissues. They can also perform treatments that involve a damaged jaw structure.

Prosthodontists are trained to perform a wide range of  restorative procedures. These may include implants, all-on-4, crowns, bridges, dentures and partial dentures, smile makeovers, and many others. Dr. Nicholas Goetz can successfully perform these procedures and many more, giving your teeth back their functionality and aesthetics in the most effective way.

In summary, Dr. Goetz’s advanced training in cosmetic dentistry and restorative dentistry can transform your smile in a way that very few Delray Beach dentist professionals can.

We are a dental office located in Delray Beach, FL currently accepting all new patients. We work with all PPO insurances that allow you to go out-of-network. To make things easier for you,  we do a COMPLIMENTARY insurance check so you always know what your insurance provider will cover before you start treatment.

Our electronic patient record system allows us to file claims for you electronically shortly after your visit, so you can receive payment within 5-7 business days. If you don’t have dental insurance coverage, we offer different payment methods and interest-free financing options to help you afford the treatment you need.

Ocean Breeze Prosthodontics offers a $50 Off New Patient Special. So if you are getting a New Patient exam (D0150) and a set of bitewing x-rays (D0274), your first visit will be around $100 after the discount.

If you also would like to have a teeth cleaning, you are looking at another $100 or so, depending on the type of dental cleaning you need. Also, keep in mind that if you have recent x-rays, you could have them forwarded to our office at no charge.

[NOTE: Our hygienist is known for providing the best dental experience in the chair, ever! She does relaxation therapy, head massages and uses essential oils. Instead of being at a dentist office, you feel you are at a spa!]

Yes, we are! Both Dr. Goetz and Dr. Rohrer have extensive experience in small and large cosmetic cases. Their expertise in cosmetic dentistry is coupled with an acute understanding of occlusion (which helps your teeth last longer without breaking), as well as an ongoing commitment to utilize the safest and most natural materials available.

If you add this to a relaxing, spa-like environment, you will not only have great outcomes but also a pleasant experience throughout the whole process.

The short answer is YES. Every year we conduct a competitive analysis to ensure our fees fall within market range. On top of that, we offer convenient payment plans with up to 12 months without interest, as well as different payment methods so that you can get the treatment you deserve without breaking the bank.

When we design the treatment for you, we plan it with your financial situation in mind, so in case we have to space out treatment or prioritize, we can do so without affecting quality of care in the long run.

Absolutely! Ocean Breeze Prosthodontics has implemented multiple ingenious new ways to make your visits more enjoyable. For that purpose, we use a variety of alternative techniques to enhance your dental experience.

Deep breathing techniques, aromatherapy, cranial sacral therapy, eye pillows with essential oils, music therapy, visualization techniques, and warm compresses all add to a dental experience like no other. Feel free to check out our whole body health services, which we believe make us so different from other dental professionals.

At Ocean Breeze Prosthodontics our goal is to transform lives one smile at a time. We do so by generating trust, treating you like you are part of our family, listening to your concerns, and providing feedback when appropriate.

What makes us different is that we follow the tenets of the Pankey philosophy, which emphasizes putting patients first. We personally promise that you will always be greeted with a smile from our friendly team, and that we will work with whatever challenges you may have by, for instance, accommodating to your schedule, providing convenient payments plans or helping improve your oral as well as your whole-body health.


Patient Reviews



Dr. Goetz is an excellent doctor. He really cares about his patients and does excellent work... His dental assistant is so nice and really makes you feel comfortable.They make a great team. Also, really liked the relaxing music during the procedure. Just had to say thank you to his whole staff!
JODI G. (Google)

Why Choose Ocean Breeze Prosthodontics?

6 Reasons Why You'll Love Our Office

Friendly, Caring Team

Dr. Goetz is proud to be part of a team who is truly empathetic and provides quality dental care to our patients.

5 Stars Patient Reviews

We are so grateful that our patients continue to “share the love” on multiple platforms giving us the highest ratings.

Ability to Solve the Most Complex Cases

Dr. Goetz trained under the very best and has taken on some of the most challenging cases. Dr. Goetz is the specialist other dentists seek out.

Feel Comfortable at Our Spa-Like Office

It’s not just the ambience (candles, music, oils, warm towels), but also the soothing energy of everyone around you.

All Dental Services Under One Roof.

Whether you need an implant and crown, or  just a basic dental cleaning, you can get it all done under the care of the same loving team.

The Most Advanced Technology Available

We are constantly innovating to provide our patients with most advanced diagnostic tools available.

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