What is a Pankey Dentist?

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What is A Pankey Dentist?

Pankey-trained dentists are taught how to treat their patients as individuals, how to do complete examinations, how to take enough time to listen and answer questions fully, and how to create a practice that reflects their own personal values.
Optimal care is the goal of Pankey-trained dentists, and this creates long-lasting comfort, function and naturally beautiful teeth. Your Pankey-trained dentist will discuss treatment options and counsel you on making appropriate choices.

Optimal Care is the Dentistry of the Future, right now!
Our continuing dental education is based on the standard of optimal oral health care. What is optimal care?

  • It’s personalized to your needs.
  • It’s a caring attitude.
  • It’s taking the time to discover how well your entire oral system is functioning.
  • It’s about complete examinations and treatment.
  • It’s about asking questions to understand you and your oral health.
  • It’s about eliminating discomfort you may be experiencing – physically and emotionally.
  • Optimal care means bringing you to a level of health, comfort and beauty you may never have experienced before.

The goal is a lifetime of health, comfort, and beauty with the least possible treatment necessary.