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Our Story

We opened our practice in 1987, young, eager, full of life and optimism. Our vision was to develop a practice were patients, or honored guests as we preferred, were afforded world-class restorative dentistry. We were not content then, nor now, with average performance, but rather we had a strong burning desire to provide the best that dentistry could offer.

“Step up discontented man… pay the price …and take it!”

And so we did. This would prove to be a long but wonderful journey. For the past 20 years we spent our time and our resources investing heavily in the best continuing education and technologies we could find.
A mentor once said, “In life your resources of time and money are limited, therefore make wise use of both”

Therefore, our philosophy on choosing mentors was simple. When we were going to train ourselves in a technique to bring back for our patients benefit, we chose to always seek out the world-renowned experts to train us. There are a multitude of Professional Continuing Education choices, with varying levels of technical mastery demonstrated by the instructors. We avoided the financially sponsored courses that were backed by manufacturers. These always resulted in biased information and less than optimal results. We made a conscious decision not to waste our time with any except for the recognized masters in a particular area. The core of this portion of our training revolved around the L. D. Pankey Institute. This curriculum took nearly a decade to complete and studying under these internationally renowned masters shorted our learning curve and these master instructors took us places the others couldn’t. The end result is we have learned techniques and processes practiced by some of the finest operators on this planet, and have brought them back to Delray Beach for your benefit.

This voracious desire for learning about functional, health based reconstructive dentistry, lasted longer than a decade, at which point the national spot light, as well as our focus, began to recognize Cosmetic Dentistry. We took our first continuing education course in this area with the misperception that we already knew this stuff…feeling quite confident with our technical skills having studied so hard. After the first formal class on Cosmetic dentistry around 1998 our eyes were opened to the vast amount of practical and useful information that existed in this new area effectively creating a new mountain to climb.

Anyone who knows us personally knows in our free time we love to climb mountains. So climb we did for the next decade, as we further strengthened the cosmetic side of our practice that was already based on optimal health and prevention.

A highlight of this portion of our training was a year long LSU Cosmetic Dentistry Continuum. We had the privilege of working with a mentor over the course of an entire year, who is the only dentist in the world who is accredited by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry as a dentist and as a laboratory technician. He was also Pankey trained. This experience let us work side by side with a clinician who had 40 years experience in doing this type of dentistry at a Pankey level of excellence. This experience transformed our capabilities in the area of Cosmetic Dentistry. Cosmetic Dentistry continues to be a very rewarding side of our practice because we have come to see that as we transform smiles we are transforming lives.

With the foundation of functional oral health and prevention, coupled with advanced cosmetic training, we were then feeling it was time to further optimize our services for our patients. The question we asked was
” What can we do for our patients that will benefit them from a whole body perspective?”
” How can we provide our current services in the framework of whole body health?”
We discovered another mountain that had been standing there that we hadn’t noticed!

This approach involving whole body heath opened up a whole new world of possibilities for caring about our honored guests. This whole body approach takes into account things such as : blood work to identify cardiac risk factors related to gum inflammation, removing silver filling in a safer fashion, natural detoxification processes for people with diagnosed amalgam toxicity, biocompatibility testing for dental materials, safe clean air in the office environment, cranial sacral therapy, deep relaxation techniques, candles and low lights along with aromatherapy to create a comfortable experience and much, much more.

These adjunctive services focusing on Whole Body Health,
Added to a foundation of Technical Mastery and Artistic Beauty,
Provide for our patients a truly unique dental experience.
The synergy of these capabilities are what has allowed us to become:
“Your partners for a comfortable dental experience.”