What is Holistic Dentistry?

What is Holistic Dentistry?

With the rise in interest for alternative and healthier solutions to dental health, you may have heard of holistic dentistry and wonder: “What is Holistic Dentistry?”

Holistic Dentistry is a whole body approach to dental care that takes into consideration the patients’ whole being, which includes their physical body (ie diet , homecare habits, exercise, environmental toxins, allergies and material choices) as well as their emotional body (ie fear, embarrassed, procrastination ,trust etc.) Both the physical and the emotional factors ultimately affect the overall ,as well as the oral , health and wellbeing.

With Holistic Dentistry the focus is on the prevention of dental and gum disease, where as traditional dentistry focuses primarily on the treatment of disease. The goal of holistic dentistry is to establish a healthy balance which will help you achieve better overall health and to do this in a comfortable way.

Holistic and ancient medicine principles paired with today’s most advanced technology will help your holistic dentist get to the true origin of your dental problems in order to resolve them once and for all.

Holistic dentistry provides certain traditional procedures in a alternative fashion such as safe removal of amalgam and comprehensive examination. Holistic Dentistry also provides procedures/recommendations that may not be traditionally offered such heavy metal detoxification programs, material sensitivity testing, nutritional counseling, whole body detoxification programs, eating behavior modification programs, Oral ph testing.

Holistic Dentistry has a very strong preventative orientation. The prevention and treatment of periodontal disease through periodontal genetic and bacterial testing, as well as the early diagnosis of oral cancer by utilizing vizilite oral cancer screening are just two of many services that may be offered in a Holistic Dentistry practice.

Rohrer Cosmetic Restorative Dentistry offers a holistic approach to dentistry where the wellbeing and comfort of the patient are put at the forefront of all procedures; using ancient medicine principles along with the latest advances in dentistry and technology. Rohrer Cosmetic Restorative Dentistry welcomes you in a relaxing spa-like ambiance complete with aromatherapy, special teas and herbs, and craniosacral therapy, and more…