6 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Skip Your Teeth Cleaning Appointment

We often get calls and hear people say “I haven’t had a dental checkup in years” or “I really need a cleaning because it’s been so long since I last saw a dentist”.  Either because of today’s busy lives or because of the dread of visiting a dental office, many people are reluctant to see a dentist on a regular basis. The problem is that skipping on dental visits will most likely turn pain and stress into a reality.  A holistic dental practice allows you to experience everything in a very special way. For example, deep relaxation techniques, breathing therapies and natural methods can help you overcome that fear, get the dental care you need and avoid more serious consequences for your teeth and overall health.

So what are the consequences of not having a teeth cleaning on a regular basis?

A complete dental care means you need an office visit at least 2-3 times a year (although that will depend a lot on your individual habits and oral hygiene).  Having regular checkups and cleanings will certainly keep you away from several problems. And these range from mouth problems, to health disorders that may affect your whole body.

In general, a professional TEETH CLEANING will prevent and deal with:

1. PLAQUE: Plaque accumulates on your teeth and in time it typically hardens into tartar. Even if you brush and floss properly, a professional cleaning is vital for keeping your mouth free from plaque and bacteria.
2. BAD BREATH: Nothing can be more discomforting than having bad breath or halitosis. A professional cleaning will help remove those particles present in your teeth, gums and tongue. Home cleaning can only rid of the odor in the short term, but it will not remove the real causes of bad breath.
3. STAINS: coffee, tea, wine, cigarettes, colas. They all cause outer stains on your teeth. The only way to remove them is getting a professional cleaning at the dental office.

Similarly, a regular CHECKUP will help you prevent some key issues such as:

4. CAVITIES: The best way to prevent cavities and tooth decay is to let dentists do their work. As mentioned before, your daily cleaning is not enough to remove food particles left in your mouth. The only way to prevent serious infections is to have a complete dental checkup. Don’t forget that if not treated, cavities may develop into tooth loss.
5. GUM DISEASE: Gums are the basis of your teeth. So if your gums are not healthy, then your teeth will lack a firm support and will get high chances of deteriorating. A regular checkup will help keep your gums (and teeth) healthy and strong.
6. OTHER HEALTH ISSUES: A holistic approach to oral health understands that a healthy mouth means a healthy body. Your mouth is the door: whatever builds up or accumulates in your mouth will affect the rest of your body. Bacteria that accumulate on your teeth or gums, for example, may be linked to other health problems, including some serious illnesses such as heart disease or diabetes.
From a Holistic approach prevention means a lot.  Visiting the dentist for a regular checkup and a cleaning will not only keep your mouth healthy, but it will also bring benefits to your whole body and mind. Most important of all, it will keep you away from unnecessary and complex treatments, which could mean a lot more money, time and stress.
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